Best Facebook Marketing Course in Bangladesh

We all know Facebook as well as the idea that every small or big business needs a Facebook presence. People spend a lot more time on social media during this pandemic than ever. Where Facebook grabs the most attention of all the social media. Every day over 2.7+ billion people use it. So, if you want to seize the attention of your audiences most, you must need a Facebook page for your business.

Why learn Facebook marketing?

Though today Facebook is the world’s largest social network, none of us would ever imagine things it can do 10 years beforehand. It is now capable of doing amazing things like hosting live videos, selling products through a chatbot, or even serving around two-thirds of the population as a top news source. Most of all, Facebook is the internet to many of us now.

As this social media has the biggest audience of all, it is surely the right place to promote your business to your targeted audiences. However, to promote your business you will have to learn what it takes to create a sustainable Facebook marketing strategy, develop an effective & efficient Facebook Ads strategy know how to grow the organic reach of your content on Facebook.

Three Phase Academy has designed this course for future marketers & existing marketers who are in search of the best Facebook marketing course in Bangladesh also the most tactical and impactful ways of crafting in-detailed strategies for both organic and paid marketing of their businesses on Facebook.

Who Is This Advanced Facebook Ads Course For?

This course is for you If you:

  • want to start a small business;
  • have a local shop but no Facebook presence but want to grow your audience massively;
  • already have a page but unable to get enough attention from your audiences;
  • want to be a Social Media Marketer or a Marketing Manager or a Director;
  • are a student and thinking of utilizing your leisure time during this global pandemic;
  • are a housewife and want to be a helping hand in your family;

Why Will You Choose Three Phase Academy’s Advance Facebook Marketing Course?

People know Three Phase Academy as an eminent IT institution for its finest quality, situated in Dhaka. We are an educational consultancy organization working day & night to eradicate the unemployment crisis from Bangladesh forever.

Continued to, we have given scholarships to over 2000+ students to facilitate that they can be their own as well as be a part of developing the national economy. Our founder, Chamok Biswas, is one of the most recognized & internationally certified digital marketers in the whole country. However, he has been practicing digital marketing since 2013 which has made him the master of the masters of this sector.

Now he is amongst us to stake the experience of his uphill battles for these 8 long years. Already he has instructed more than 3000+ students in a short period of time. Most importantly, we all know him well for his compassionate and friendly personality; he teaches the student with all his heart and provides every single knowledge & resource that a student requires. To be frank, he is the most liable & modest mentor of all.

Under his supervision, you will get 100% assurance of quality knowledge & skill that will help you to cope up with the competitive world out there at such a minimal cost. So, it can be quoted without a second thought that, this is the best Facebook marketing course in entire Bangladesh that you will ever be able to acquire.

What Will You Learn From This Course?

This course includes everything you need to know how to develop & optimize your Facebook business site. At this price, you will get the most assured value add-on than others. We have divided this course into a total of 11 detailed modules. This module basically demonstrates the quality of the course; they are following,

What additional accessories do you need to pursue this course?

You will be needing a strong internet connection and a laptop or computer. Anyone with no prior knowledge of Facebook ads or marketing can enroll in this course as we designed our module for both the beginner and the advanced learner.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answered:

Do you provide a certificate after the completion of the course?

Ans: Yes, we do. We will accommodate a certificate after your completion of the course in the given name of your profile.

Is the course online Facebook Marketing Course? Can I access this course anytime from anywhere?

Ans: Yes, this is a pre-recorded online course which you can always access from anywhere in the world for lifetime with only an internet connection.

What value will this course provide to me?

Ans: Unlike other fraudulent institutes in Bangladesh Three Phase Academy offers an “International” advanced value to the knowledge of its students. You cannot find any other institutions demonstrating such value.

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