Advanced Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing from beginner to advanced!

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What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Page Creation And Management
  • How To Open A Facebook Page
  • Many Chat Integration With Messenger
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • How To Create Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Audience
  • F-Commerce Business Ideas
  • Pixel Setup with GTM
  • Pixel & Events
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Data-driven Facebook Marketing Skills

Topics for this course

38 Lessons15h

Advanced Facebook Marketing

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Regarding Course Video
Understanding Facebook Ads1:06:17
Introduction To Facebook Business Manager1:06:23
Facebook & Instagram Accounts Structure – What’s Where
How To Verify Facebook Business Manager54:55
How To Setup What’s App Business Account In Business Manager2:40
How To Open A Facebook Business Page1:17:03
Many Chat Integration With Messenger54:12
Facebook Creator Studio51:48
How To Create Carousel Post3:26
Types Of Facebook Ads | How To Choose Right Goal For Your Campaign46:28
Brand Awareness Campaign1:19:28
In Detail Reach Campaign For Facebook Marketing48:51
Market Research For Facebook Marketing Live Project39:15
In Depth Facebook Engagement Campaign1:07:33
Facebook Ads | Consideration | Traffic Campaign49:14
Leads , Message & Video Ads Campaign1:10:18
Facebook Funnel Marketing46:36
How To Make An Ecommerce Site For Practice56:56
Facebook Pixel Setup Integration With Google Tag Manager59:43
How To Set up Pixel / Events / Tracking Without Buying any Domain and Hosting For Practice4:36
Setting Up Standard Events & Custom Events42:25
Facebook Event Setup With Tag Manager1:20:27
Facebook Event Setup Without Tag Manager12:36
Advanced Facebook Dynamic Purchase Tracking With Value Optimization1:05:21
ROAS Bidding Conversion Campaign27:07
Live Project Conversion Campaign With CBO Niche – Car Accessories Drop Shipping Business Model58:40
Live Project Conversion Campaign Niche – Musical Instruments22:07
Facebook Shop & Commerce Manager58:52
Facebook Custom Event & Audience Part 11:10:29
Facebook Audience & Retargeting Part 255:01
Standard Events
How To Kill Targeted Audience Without Paid Tools
Apply For Account Disable/Restriction
Facebook Pixel Event Generator Tool
Important Facebook Marketing Tools

About the instructors

Chamok Biswas is the CEO and Founder Of Three Phase Academy. He is also a Professional Digital Marketer and SEO expert, as well as one of the best Digital Marketing Trainer from Bangladesh. His skills and unique teaching style is very much helpful and career-oriented for student.
5.00 (124 ratings)

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Really good course. Needs to update little bit but so far one of the best course on facebook ad in Bangladesh.

I learned So many advanced things from this Course that can't find any other course on the internet.
Thank You Chamok DaDa.

I can learn lot from it

The best Facebook marketing course. Chamok dada is a boss of DM.

i think, chamok dada is the best mentor for digital marketing

He is one of the best mentor in Bangladesh

digital marketing Boss Chomok Dada

Best course on Facebook Marketing. Every single detail explains in a simple & easiest way a mentor can do. That's why as a student like his teaching style. And no comments on the mentor's dedication level for his students. Because it's incredible.

I have enrolled in three (03) courses on this site while Facebook Marketing is one of them. The truth is that this course is awesome! If you really want to learn Facebook Marketing then don't late to enroll.

Best Course Ever.

This is a very effective and most advanced Facebook Ad Marketing Course. The instructor Mr. Chamok is a very renowned digital marketer of Bangladesh. So, this course offers a blend of his marketing experience as well as his theoretical knowledge.

so friendly and extremely knowledgeable mentor

Best course. Best mentor. Learn a lot of things about FB marketing. I have no regret about purchasing this course. Recommended course!!!

Best Facebook Marketing Course

Chamok Biswas is the best Facebook marketing instructor on the online platform.

I think this is the Best Facebook Marketing Course.

He's one of the best digital marketers in Bangladesh as well as a humble person.

Buying a course and completing it is the easy part after that start the real deal the support I received from dada is unparalleled. He is a powerhouse when it comes to digital marketing. He touched all the topics in-depth for a person to humanely possible. One of the well-organized courses I have done. Highly Recommend for all levels of learners.

Great Mentor of my life.

Facebook Marketing seemed quite easier until I enrolled in this advanced course. From Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies to all about the Facebook algorithm, this course includes all the deep-insight-details. Overall, I have loved learning the advanced marketing tactics of Facebook. Thanks to my mentor for sharing his outstanding knowledge and experiences with us!

I Have Tried To Include All My Knowledge And My Experience In This Advanced Facebook Marketing Course

Its The Best .
I Think its not a course only , its like a hands on training also .

Best Facebook Marketing Course. I learn a lot of things about Facebook Marketing.

Best Facebook Ads Marketing Course In Bangladesh

Best Facebook Ads Marketing Course In Bangladesh

he is a analysist as i am, as the progress is going i am also growing with more knowledge on digital marketing. From my experience this the real deal!
you can grab this course without any hesitation.

Dada Is The Best Jovial Mentor In My Life.

I have done courses in different places since 2017. However, of all the courses I have seen, the Facebook course of Chamok Biswas seems to me to be the most informative. Here he learned practically everything on Facebook. This is the best Facebook marketing course. Chamok Biswas provided us great support.

Best Facebook marketing course and best mentor.

Best ?

Boss? Dada?

Best Facebook marketing course

Best Facebook Marketing Course in BD

Great mentor! ❤️

Xoss Dada love form soul ??

Simply the Best in business

Best Facebook Marketing Course.

Practically I gain many strategies from "THEREEPHASE ACADEMY". Especially in Facebook Marketing course is Unique. If you want to be an expert in Facebook Marketing, I guarantee this course for you.
A dedicated mentor and helpful person "CHAMOK DADA"---

Best Course & Best Mentor Forever

Best Facebook Marketing Course, My Best Instructor Chamok Dada...

He is not only our mentor, he is our dada. Highly recommended course...

Best Course from Three Phase Academy. I learn a lot from this course. I am happy about this course.

Best mentor and Best Academy I have seen ever.

That\'s really awesome. and the dedication level of the mentor is appreciatable.

Best Facebook marketing course and chamok dada is best instructor in Bangladesh..

The best Facebook Marketing Course........Chamok Dada is a Boss of Digital Marketing...

DM Boss?

Best Facebook Marketing Course. I learn a lot of things about Facebook Marketing.

Advanced Facebook Marketing
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