Adobe Photoshop Masterclass

Adobe Photoshop from beginner to advanced!

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20h 35m 28s

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  • Fundamental of Graphic Design

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5 Lessons20h 35m 28s

Understanding Graphic Design

Fundamental of Graphic Design , Design Principles , Color Theory1:39:31

Adobe Photoshop All Tools

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5.00 (35 ratings)

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Well words aren't enough for thanking Three Phase Academy and Riaj Sir for launching this outstanding and effective course. Riaj Sir's teaching method is super unique and easy to understand.

Great course on Photoshop. And the mentor is super supportive and knowledgeable.

The best graphics design teacher I've ever met. And responsive and friendly

Riaj Ahmmed Sir is one of the best Graphics Designers. He is an outstanding Mentor and Helpful. Mostly this is the Great Course Of Photoshop.

Great course for beginners to understand graphic design , every topic has been discussed clearfully and easily .

Great Course with helpful Support

Great teaching skills; it's a great opportunity to have riaj sir as a graphic design mentor.

Thanks everyone for give me this opportunity for make develop my skill....

It\'s such an awesome course and also I am so glad to have a part of Three Phase Academy.

I really amazed with the quality teaching capability of the very very very talented Riaj bhai.

Great course . Highly recommend to join this course .The class quality is perfect.

Best course on photoshop. The mentor is very friendly & cooperative. Explain everything in details. Give assignment on every class & also give feedback on those assignments. Which helps us a lot.

Riaj vai r Course Somporka kisu bolar opakhha thaka na, Live class gulo bujta kono problem hoini, ar akta kotha na bollai noi rat 3 tai nok diyaow vair kas thaka support payasi. Graphic design shikhar jonno riaj vai best

First I am very thankful to Riaj Bhai to give me this opportunity to understand graphics designing in the real way . Riaj Bhai is very much friendly and professional. He knows how to explain each concept easily and also used great methods to teach.I love this course. It showed me the basics and fundamentals for graphic design. This course has given me the best information about the Graphic design. Great experience overall.I definitely recommend this course to those who interested in graphic design and freelancing.

Great course!! The class quality, support class are outstanding. Hopefully, I will achieve great knowledge through this course, Insha'Allah. There have many more instructors in the graphic design sector, but as an instructor, Riaz Ahmed Bhai exceptional because he is an accommodating person to teach his student. Highly Recommended!!!

Very Good Course

great course

Bolte gele onek kothai bolta hoi karon je jinis ta valo tar kotha bole shesh hoi na. je Riaj Ahammed Sir er class gulo kortese tara sobai bolta parbe amader Sir koto valo Vabe Bujhai. Sob Shesh e ami bolte chai amar kashe Adobe Photoshop With Graphic Design course ta Oshadaron lagsche . Thanks Riaj Ahammed sir K amader ato Sundor Kore Class newar jonno.

Too much professional and friendly teaching,,,,, highly recommended for adobe photoshop master class with interested people.Best mentor ever seen before. Thank a lot for this course.

Riaj Sir is My Best Mentor in Graphics Design Sector...I just love his teaching process...In the Photoshop course, he gives us a lot of effective tips and technics...I've suggested to everyone or newcomer to enroll in his course...Obviously, you will be benefitted...Riaj Sir A lot of love from me to you to have such a Mentor in my life...Thank you so much...

Amer khub valo lagechay, Riaj Sir khub sunder kore bujan, r ameder problem gulow solve er jonnw support class er bebosta korechan, amer mone hoy sober Riaj Sir er course kora uchit, jader Graphics Design er proty agroho besy . Thank u Riaj Sir .

Amer khub valo lagechay, Riaj Sir khub sunder kore bujan, r ameder problem gulow solve er jonnw support class er bebosta korechan, amer mone hoy sober Riaj Sir er course kora uchit, jader Graphics Design er proty agroho besy . Thank u Riaj Sir .

I understand everything when the work of each tool is being presented in live class. Next time there is no need to watch the video again. The way overall is perfectly understood professionally. Giving homework on the class at the end of each class, as a result, the tasks of the tools shown in the class are automatically cleared during the practice. If there is a problem to understand someone at the end of the class, he gives another live solution on that class. Hand in hand, live support really fascinated me. Those who do this course or are thinking about whether to enroll can do so without hesitation. Hopefully this journey will be very good.

Great Course Of Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Masterclass
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